Button mushrooms filled with ricotta cheese and pesto served with salad garnish and crusty bread £6¾ (GFA V)


Pan fried black pudding with maple cured bacon, mixed leaves and sweet balsamic glaze. £6¾




Lamb Tagine

 Tender pieces of Lamb cooked slowly in Moroccan spices with chick peas and apricots served with couscous £15 (GFA)

Homemade Fish Pie

A variety of fish in a white wine and cream sauce with a mashed potato top and served with wilted greens £14

Wild Mushroom Risotto

Wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil and a rocket and parmesan garnish £12 (G V)

Cider Braised Belly Pork

 Pork belly slow cooked in cider served with mashed potato and savoy cabbage £15

Warm Cajun Chicken Salad

 Marinated chicken breast served warm over mixed leaves peppers and a blue cheese dressing £12 (G)